study for The Ballad of _____ B (2013). Fine Art inkjet print on Hahnamühle paper 16 x 24 inches. Photograph by Manolo Lugo. Created with funding support from the Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council.



______ B’s new life is
fraught with challenges. In
_________ his family
had a big house, a nice

car, and all three boys in
his family had weekly
allowances. Now _____ B sleeps
on the couch while his two younger

brothers and parents sleep in
the bedrooms down the hall.
But the clean-cut, fresh-faced
18-year-old is _____

about his life here. He
refers to ________ as his
“hometown,” proudly thumping
his chest.

“I feel ______,” he
says. “It’s ironic, I
know, because I’m not yet.
I just feel like I fit in

really well.” When he was asked
how he had endured the changes,
the lack of _______, and the
uncertainty of his

refugee status, ______ B says,
“What I lived was so ________
-- the persecution -- that
coming here means going to

bed at night without having a
pyrotechnic bomb
explode on the roof of your house,
without cars following you

around and people phoning in
the middle of the night.
“I don’t have to worry if my
dad will come home from work

safe or whether he’ll be _______.
Here I may not have a
room or an allowance but I
have peace of mind.

That’s the lesson –

_____ B is
so enthusiastic about
the group, he attends
Monday sessions at the

community centre
just for fun. “I don’t want to diss
my hometown,” he says,
“But there isn’t a whole lot to

do there at night.” The group
that gathers at the community centre
is predominantly
______-speaking. Only one boy, 


named ____ A, doesn’t speak it.
He’s from ______.
_____ B fills in as his
personal translator.


They play games at first to break
the ice. Sitting in a
circle, one member of the group

is chosen to stand in
the middle, pick someone to kneel
down in front of and say:
“Darling, if you love me, will you

Most of them hardly
get through the first word without
breaking into hysterical
laughter. Even ____ A

who has girls
kneeling and laughing
at his feet, laughs.

The Ballad of _____ B (2014). Rectified readymade script, multimedia performance installation for a stage; created for HATCH 2014, Harbourfront Centre's Performing Arts Residency. Installation photographs by Manolo Lugo. Created with funding support from the Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council.

Concept: Francisco-Fernando Granados
Script: Readymade, rectified by Francisco-Fernando Granados; some sections rectified in collaboration with Cressida Kocienski
Performers: Francisco-Fernando Granados, Manolo Lugo, Maryam Taghavi
Artistic Associate & HATCH Coordinator: Margaret Evans
Lighting Designer: Andy Moro 
Associate Lighting Designer: Melissa Joakim
Stage Manager: Sandy Plunkett